August Makes

August a little bit cooler, two weeks annual leave plus a bank holiday! Sewing Heaven, I’ve been very productive

1. Woody’s new bed

2. Teeny Tiny keyring purses and key fob

This was a free crafts tutorial I found via Pinterest. I made a teeny purse for my keyring, perfect for when you don’t want to take a bag and then the black on was to clip on Woody’ s collar so he can carry his own doggy bags when we go for a walk! The key fob was very easy and used up another tiny scrap of my flamingo fabric which I love and can’t find where I got it from (would love to make a dress out of it!)

3. Kefalonia dress aka Butterick B5488

You can read all about this on my Great Big Pattern Swap post

4. Little Miss Sew n Sew Easy Peasy Grown up dress

Wasn’t too sure about this one to begin with but it’s grown on me as it’s so comfy! The photo didn’t want to show the flamingo seersucker in all its glory, but this is an accurate representation of what my eyes went through whilst sewing!

5. New look 6023

My second make for the Great Big Pattern Swap, read all about it in my post

6. Handbag and purse

My third make for the Great Big Pattern Swap made a little purse to match

7. Woody’s Huggle bone

Made from and stuffed with our old clothes, he loves to snuggle up to it!


8. Mice!

Made these mice for my friends new cat, I’m not very good with hand sewing so they are blind mice!

Looking forward to September and some Autumn sewing, I have a massive “to sew” list. Going to have to man up and change my overlocker thread to black as well.


July Makes

July was officially (in my opinion) too hot to sew. Not helped by the fact I use the conservatory as my sewing room and it was over 50 degrees in there. I left the iron out and it melted…how can an iron melt?!?

So, due to the heat, not many makes…

1. Bunting

I’ve already blogged about this, my birthday bunting was an easy quick make for a Saturday before it got too hot.

2. Work bag set

With a metre of oil cloth and a £2.99 table cloth from home bargains I made a lined bag for work, a diary cover (not photographed) 2 zip up pouches and a prescription pad cover! I am all coordinated now and organised. No patterns used just guessed it all really. I’ve had a few requests but I’m ridiculously nervous about making things for other people. Is that just me or do other people feel like that?

3. The Maxi dress

I’ve posted about this already, the self drafted (sort of) maxi dress which tested my patience to the max(i). It’s so pretty though I have forgiven it and am looking forward to wearing it.


And that’s it! Hopefully August will be a more productive month. I have a sewing note book to plan all my makes and there are so many things in there that I’m ready to make (have everything). My priority is going to be my #greatbigpatternswap makes, I was very lucky and had some great swaps can’t wait to make a start on them.

May Makes!

I can definitely say May is the Month I found my Sew-Jo!

It was definitely due to the bank holidays and some annual leave from work which gave me extra time to sew. I think I need to slow it down a bit though and focus on quality not quantity.

Here’s a run down of my makes ( I have linked to the fabric websites but they aren’t affiliate links or a sponsored post, I get nothing in return just for info as I always find it useful on other blogs!)

First off my 3 New Look 6532 tops made with the pattern which was free with June’s Sew Magazine. They’re all now too big as ive lost weight this month since starting running. I’m hoping to alter them to make them smaller. The patterns so easy though and I plan to run up some more. The PJ fabric I got from Fabric Land and the other 2 fabrics were off ebay, can’t remember the sellers which is a shame as I love the bunny fabric so much!

Next up my poppy playsuit (so over it london) toile made with a £2 scrap of fabric from the charity shop. Not sure I’ll wear this because of the colour (although I’m trying to wear more colour) but I learnt a lot from the toile so it was worth doing. I must admit I like it more since adding the daisies.

Next my Royal Wedding top made from New Look 6217 and fabric from “the fabric man” on eBay. Absolutely love this pattern and will be making many more of these! Love the novelty fabric too and I’m afraid I am going to be the person that makes clothes for every occasion now (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, book day all planned!).

Here we have my trio of Cleos (Tilly and the buttons). I originally set out to make just the corduroy one with fabric from Adam Ross fabric. However I had these two scraps of upholstery fabric from a charity shop (again!) And squeezed them out of less than a metre. Not sure how wearable the middle one is out and about but its super comfy for around the house!

Saving the best til last my Tilly and the Buttons Lilou dress with fabric from Fabric Land. This fabric had a fault in it which was quite annoying as it ended up right in the middle at the front, but luckily in the lower skirt part so probably not going to get noticed by anyone except me.

Also very excited to have two of my makes in Julys Sew Magazine as they asked on Instagram if they could use them (obviously yes!!).

So that’s it for May, what will June bring to my sewing adventure? I’m really enjoying myself and cannot wait to find out! 😀