Sew Photo Hop 2018 – Days 8 – 14

Here is part 2 of my Sew Photo Hop 2018 and covers days 8 to 14. Loving this challenge which @houseofpinheiro is hosting

8. Specially made for

In my last post I showed my Shift dress I was working on for my night out. Had a neckline issue which I could fix in time so I quickly made this skirt – see my full blog post for more about it!

9. Lightbulb moment

Moving into our house last year and finding this sewing machine in the garage kick started me into learning to sew! I’d had a sewing machine for a very long time but back when I had it is struggled with the basics and never really go anywhere. Then my lightbulb moment! You tube! It wasn’t around when I first had a sewing machine but now with all the opportunities to learn on line there were lots of way to learn!

10. Fresh of the sewing machine

The two “freshest” things I showed you on Friday, but I also have the dress that didn’t work out for Saturday!

This is the silk woven tee shift dress hack (from fashion with fabric) ….hacked again into a double layer dress. I was rushing and the neck got all rumpled (is that even a word?). I will fix it….but I think it’s going to have to sit there for a while.

11. Creative Process

I love a note book! Everything I make is planned out in this notebook first, it has fabric swatches, measurements and if it’s an online pattern like this bunting I briefly write what I need to do in case I can’t find it online again. I also write what I would change next time I make the pattern.
In the back of the book I make a note of any patterns I see that I would like and fabrics which I need to buy.

12. Tips and Techniques

Recently my adventures into sewing chiffon lead me to find this fantastic tip of pinning the chiffon to some tissue paper before cutting it out to stop it slipping. I left it on whilst sewing everything together then ripped it off at the end.

13. Game Changer

Definitely my overlocker! Love the finish it gives my clothes and I’ve even been brave enough to change the thread!

14. Wardrobe essential

I could easily have posted another Cleo dress here! But trying to be more diverse and have discussed this lovely quick sew. The fashion with Fabric Great British Sewing Bee book – Sleeveless Shell Top. The fabric was from Pound Fabrics. Really pleased with it, will be making more, next time I will maybe lengthen it but it was fine with the high waist jeans I wore it with.


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