Sew Photo Hop 2018 – Days 1-7

Im taking part in this year’s Sew Photo Hop hosted by @houseofpinheiro

Here are days 1-7

1. Hello

Im Anna, I’m 37 and I love in Staffordshire with my husband, two boys, retired racing greyhound Woody and Alan the hamster. I started sewing in January this year and am loving my sewing adventure.

2. Currently Sewing

Im currently making the Silk Woven tee shift dress hack from The fashion with Fabric great British Sewing Bee book.

3. All in one or separates

I tend to go for all in one as I’m drawn to pretty dresses. However after looking through other people’s answers to today’s prompt I can see the sense in making more separates so will be making a conscious effort to do this!

4. Signature Style

Struggled with this one but Instagram seems to indicate I like my Cleo dresses or denim skirt and leggings, all with a pair of converse! Not sure how accurate this is but it’s certainly been how I’ve spent my spring/summer.

5. Sewing Corner

I don’t have an official sewing space but I am slowly taking over a corner of our conservatory. Im hoping to get an Ikea peg board for the corner and ideally a little desk as it’s not that comfortable sat here with nowhere to put my legs!

6. Seasonal Favourite

We’re coming into Autumn now and I’ve got my Cord Cleo, thick black tights and a cardigan on! I have 2 more Cleos to make for AW18 so this is going to be my seasonal outfit I think!

7. Colour/Texture

This charity shop find covers both colour and texture, this is for one of the Cleos I plan to make.

So that’s the first week completed and I’ll be doing days 8-14 next week. Loving this challenge so far.


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