Fabric Shopping and Night out

Finally 8 months in to my sewing adventure I managed to go actual fabric shop, fabric shopping! Up until now I’ve bought pretty much everything online. After taking the boys to see Dippy the Dinosaur I managed to drag them along to Barry’s Fabrics in Birmingham.

I had heard a lot of people talk about it and was very excited. I went with a list though and had to stick to my budget! I could not believe my eyes when I saw inside

I bought some lining for a couple of dresses and I bought a lovely £2/metre fabric for an Autumn dress, but my main fabric was for a dress to wear on my work night out. I bought this lovely embroidered chiffon and some crepe de chine to line it with.

My initial plan was to make the “silk woven tee shift dress hack” from The fashion with fabric great British Sewing Bee book. However, I messed Up The lining on the neck and it would not sit right and I didnt have enough time to fix it.

Luckily I had enough fabric left over for a skirt, so I had to do a morning before the night out emergency make and went with the Lace Pencil Skirt pattern from the same book. It was a quick pattern and I whizzed through it while watching Back in time in the factory on my iPad

I was worried that the fabric would be a nightmare to work with but I overlocked the layers together and it all went together really easily even the zip

I needed a bag for my night out as well so I made another Necessary Clutch Wallet, this time with some pvc snakeskin! It was however a nightmare to sew and too thick for my machine, so I had to go without card pockets. I made a strap this time and it’s the perfect length having made it myself! Usually cross body bags are too short on me as I’m tall.

I’m really pleased with this skirt and it’s a super quick pattern to make! I wore it with a RTW silk cami and leather jacket.

I’m thinking of making a work version and some holiday ones next year as the pattern was so good.


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