Great Big Pattern Swap #3 -The Husband Bag (Butterick B4088)

There has been a fantastic swap/challenge happening on Instagram during July/August using the hashtag #greatbigpatternswap. The swap is hosted by Emma @thezipperfoot and Alice and the idea was to list any patterns you didn’t want so people could request them. Then when you receive you patterns you’ve got until 18th August to make them and there’s a chance to win some lovely prizes

This is my third and final entry and I am calling this The Husband Bag! This is because I made it out of a pair of my husband’s jeans and lined it with his shirt (he had put both in a bag to be got rid of, honestly, I did not raid his wardrobe).

The pattern is Butterick B4088 which I was gifted by @rosielee_cupoftea. I made view A but had to make it slightly smaller so used the lining pattern for the outer bag also.

This was a really fun pattern to make and was even quicker as I used the shirt and the pocket from the shirt as the lining

The pattern suggested a magnetic clasp to fasten but I used a zip as I prefer my bags zipped up.

It came together very quickly, my only delay was breaking 3 needles sewing the straps on so had to wait for some more to arrive in the post.

It felt a little bit plain when it was finished so I decided to try making some flowers to embellish it. For these I used my Kirsty Cuttlebug which sort of cut through but needed trimming with scissors. I cut 3 pieces of denim and one from the shirt for each flower and riveted them together.

I placed 3 together on the corner of the bag and painted the top ones with frey stop.

I love bags so am really excited to be able to make my own now, I am pleased with how this has turned out, but I would make the straps longer if I made another.

I decided to make a little purse as well to go with the bag as I know none of my purses would fit in the bag. It was very quick to make and I embellished it with a flower to match.

This is definitely my last entry to the challenge, I have one more pattern to make, which is The Ultimate trouser pattern, but I have no fabric suitable at the moment so will be looking out for some on my fabric shopping trip next week and will of course blog when completed even though it will be too late for the challenge.


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