Necessary Clutch Wallet

I can finally share my exciting adventure into the world of bag making!

I had been following #necessaryclutchwallet hashtag on instagram for a while and really, really wanted a go. I bought the PDF pattern but then got a bit nervous about actually making one. That was until I found the amazing you tube sew along from Kittenish behaviour and after watching it all the way through I got the confidence up to have a go and planned to make two along side each other one for me (the practice one) and one for my Mum for her birthday.

I was so please with the results!

I didn’t buy fabric for these I used what I had. My Mum loves butterflies and I had 2 kinds of butterfly fabric and I was a little bit in love with the fabric from my teacher totes (another post to share once gifted). The blue was an old bag I reused as the strap was broken.

Loved the double zip pockets on the Kittenish behaviour sew along! You can never have too many pocket! Would like to make a clear driving licence pocket next time.

Both were made with matching straps and I bought a rivet tool off ebay as my machine struggled with the thickness.

Finished off with butterfly tissue paper and extra butterfly stickers!

Really looking forward to making some more of these! I’d like a black leather one and a denim one! Really fun to make.


Overlocker Love ❤

Well, I’m quite surprised to be saying that 6 months into my sewing adventure I am the proud owner of a shiny new overlocker! When I say surprised I did buy it so obviously it’s not that surprising, just not something I expected to have so early on in my sewing journey and quite a few people would probably say it’s too soon (from what I’ve read!). Although I’ve been looking at them for 3 months so it could have been worse!

Initially I was looking at second hand ones on eBay, but got scared off by horror stories I read about buying broken machines and it costing hundreds to fix them. Then I won some money in our weight loss group at work, it was a “rollover” month and I won a hundred pound, I’d also won £30 a few months earlier and then I won £25 on the lottery! I saw this as the universe telling me I needed an overlocker and started looking at new ones as they were now in my budget.

I watched lots of you tube reviews and scoured the internet and it seemed to be the Brother 1034d which was screaming out at me to buy it! I discovered it in my price range (ish) as it had been discontinued.

I spent weeks trying to find a shop local that had one in stock to have a go on, but this just was not happening as they were all sold out. Then the Brother 3034DWT caught my eye and it was (quite) a bit more expensive but had extra things with it that in my mind justified the cost and it was on offer on GUR Sewing machine site so I ordered it. Ironically when I got the invoice arrived I realised they were in Birmingham (about 45 mins away) so I could have gone and looked at them!

Anyway, I didn’t, but luckily I’m very pleased with it, only just played properly today as ive had an awful week at work and had a migraine the day it arrived so couldn’t face opening it.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve not opened the instruction book.or watched the DVD yet, but I did watch lots of tutorials for this model on you tube so cracked on with it! I wanted something easy I’d made before so naturally I went for the New Look 6532!

This was my first trip into the world of slippery fabric but it was no problem on the overlocker but it was a nightmare sewing the binding on!

Doesn’t it look lovely:

I think my tension is ok? I haven’t really fiddled much though, I’ll save that until after I’ve watched the DVD.

I got so excited to be using the overlocker I sewed the shoulder pieces on upside down, but I think I kind of saved it.

I didn’t pattern match the shoulders because of my error but the back seem is matched quite well.

I also finished another top this morning and have washed some fabric for another top! My wardrobe is so top heavy. I’d like a nice denim skirt pattern if anyone knows of one? Or a skirt that could be made in denim.

I’m now saving for an eventual machine upgrade but that’s going to take a while and I need to find myself a more permanent sewing space first!

May Makes!

I can definitely say May is the Month I found my Sew-Jo!

It was definitely due to the bank holidays and some annual leave from work which gave me extra time to sew. I think I need to slow it down a bit though and focus on quality not quantity.

Here’s a run down of my makes ( I have linked to the fabric websites but they aren’t affiliate links or a sponsored post, I get nothing in return just for info as I always find it useful on other blogs!)

First off my 3 New Look 6532 tops made with the pattern which was free with June’s Sew Magazine. They’re all now too big as ive lost weight this month since starting running. I’m hoping to alter them to make them smaller. The patterns so easy though and I plan to run up some more. The PJ fabric I got from Fabric Land and the other 2 fabrics were off ebay, can’t remember the sellers which is a shame as I love the bunny fabric so much!

Next up my poppy playsuit (so over it london) toile made with a £2 scrap of fabric from the charity shop. Not sure I’ll wear this because of the colour (although I’m trying to wear more colour) but I learnt a lot from the toile so it was worth doing. I must admit I like it more since adding the daisies.

Next my Royal Wedding top made from New Look 6217 and fabric from “the fabric man” on eBay. Absolutely love this pattern and will be making many more of these! Love the novelty fabric too and I’m afraid I am going to be the person that makes clothes for every occasion now (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, book day all planned!).

Here we have my trio of Cleos (Tilly and the buttons). I originally set out to make just the corduroy one with fabric from Adam Ross fabric. However I had these two scraps of upholstery fabric from a charity shop (again!) And squeezed them out of less than a metre. Not sure how wearable the middle one is out and about but its super comfy for around the house!

Saving the best til last my Tilly and the Buttons Lilou dress with fabric from Fabric Land. This fabric had a fault in it which was quite annoying as it ended up right in the middle at the front, but luckily in the lower skirt part so probably not going to get noticed by anyone except me.

Also very excited to have two of my makes in Julys Sew Magazine as they asked on Instagram if they could use them (obviously yes!!).

So that’s it for May, what will June bring to my sewing adventure? I’m really enjoying myself and cannot wait to find out! 😀

Sewing Lilou and a trip to the theatre.

My initial sewing adventure aim was to be able to make a dress I was proud to wear in front of people! I had absolutely no idea at the start if the year that I would do this by May!

I’ve been searching Instagram and blogs for a suitable pattern, the material I bought back in January and planned to use it for a Megan dress. However, the more I looked at people’s makes I had my heart set on a lined bodice and a more fitted dress.

I started to make the New Look 6262 view A, but the toile bodice just would not fit right and I couldn’t get my head around lining it.

After a bit of a sulk I sat reading my Tilly and the Buttons Love at first Stitch book and realised Lilou was the dress for me! It’s amazing how my confidence has progressed as initially I was far too scared to even consider Lilou and that’s why I hadn’t clicked it had a lined bodice!

I went for a bright yellow lining to go with my butterfly fabric, very bold for me as I don’t do colour usually. The yellow was a bit too small so I jiggled it so the missing bit would fall in a dart! I had to add 2 inches in length to the bodice which was why I was short of fabric.

I’ve currently taken over the conservatory as my sewing space and I was making this dress during a massive thunder storm. I was so engrossed in it, it was only after I wondered how safe that was?

I was proud at the point I had the bodice all attached! I loved the colours and it felt so much nicer than anything I would buy! I made the Clémence skirt option with French seams which make so much difference to a garment!

The only crisis I had was with the zip, instead of using Tillys instructions I watched a you tube tutorial which wasn’t that good and I placed it a bit too low…not massively bad but enough to annoy me!

The part which slowed me down was all the hand sewing! I’ve hand sewn the bodice and hand sewn all the hem. I looks fab doing this, but I am messy and must try harder next time.

I am very proud of the results and how lovely the dress feels to wear, I managed to get it done in time for our first date night in a very long time and we went to a lovely little Theatre called Theatre on the Steps in the very pretty town Bridgnorth

There were storms and rain as we arrived so unfortunately I didnt get all the pretty outdoor photos i had hoped for, luckily I took one inside before we went!

Very exciting make and will definitely be making another Lilou soon, would like to go back to the New Look 6262 first and see if I can conquer that!

Royal Wedding Outfit

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen my excitement over making myself a royal wedding top! Didn’t need a dress as I wasn’t invited, but still wanted to get into the spirit of things. I looked on eBay for the cheapest piece of fabric with a royal theme that I could find. It’s very thin and I’m not sure it will wash well (It survived it’s wash pre make though!). I used New Look 6217 which was ridiculously quick and easy, even quicker as I didn’t bother with a fastener as I thought it was a one off wear. The bias binding I had in my stash. I’m so very happy with how it came out, it makes me smile! I need another occasion to wear it, perhaps I could get away with it on a trip to London?

I planned to wear it with my denim skirt and leggings, but then yesterday was my day off and I made a Cleo dress! It was very quick and easy to make the fabric is some lovely soft corduroy which was on offer on Adam Ross website, although I think I should have made denim for this time of year.

In love how they look together and will be making more of both patterns (actually I’ve nearly finished my second Cleo from an upholstery scrap from the charity shop).

I loved watching Harry and Meghan’ s wedding, littlest boy even watched it with me, from the comfort of his cardboard box (he was playing, honestly I do not keep my children in boxes!).

After the wedding we decorated our wedding cupcakes as I was too busy sewing to get them done in advance (oops).

I’ve really got the sewing bug at the moment and have completed some other things and have a queue of more to make, so much to sew, so little time!

Then there were 3!

I have to confess over the weekend I made a 3rd New look 6532 pattern! Remember the Margot PJ trousers I started in January? Well, I never did finish them as they were a little (ok lot) tight and I had a big sulk over it. However, thanks to my new healthy eating and the little bit of running I’ve been doing they now fit! So pleased with myself that I celebrated by making a top as I had fabric left and really wouldn’t use it for anything else.

I just sewed the back pieces together and did away with the button fastening as I thought that would be uncomfortable in pyjamas.

I’m so happy with the results as you can probably see from this awful photo!!

I really do need to step away from that pattern and make something else, but as the pattern is traced and so quick to make it’s going to be tough! I’m keen to make a poppy Play suit and need a dress for a night out in a few weeks time so plenty to keep me busy.

Bank Holiday Sewing

Well it’s been a while, lots going and no time to sew, therefore I was absolutely determined that one of my 3 days this weekend would be at the sewing machine!

I’ve been using the New Look 6532 pattern which came with this month’s Sew Magazine (despite me being very annoyed with them as I still haven’t received my subscribers gift from December!). It’s such an easy quick pattern and I think I’ll be making more now I’ve got the pattern traced and cut and know what I’m doing. It’s a versatile pattern that can be smart or casual depending on the fabric.

The first one was from this very cute rabbit print fabric I’ve had this for ages, I thought it would be a cute top to wear at Easter but I didn’t have enough for the pattern I had. This new look one only needs a metre so was perfect.

Out of the two tops this one definitely fits better as I took it in at the sides more. Love it with black trousers and it might even get worm at work later this week.

I had another metre of fabric which I originally intended to make a machine cover out of! However I decided I could use it to run up a nice summer top as I needed one for a day out yesterday.

This one is a bit looser than I would like and I’ll probably take it in a bit but it’s been nice and cool to wear this weekend.

The weather has been so lovely and I’ve spent the weekend doing lots of walking and appreciating how pretty it is where we live, wish it wasn’t back to work tomorrow!