Resting and Reading

Having been unwell all over Christmas I attempted to return to work last week, however managed just one day before I was back home in bed with a course of antibiotics for a chest infection. Not the start I planned for the year, but it did give me chance to stay cosy in the warm and read my sewing magazines, catch up on blogs and watch a lot of vlogs! I have watched every vlog on both Like Sew Amazing and Gingerthread Girl, back to back.

I am really not very good at sitting around and not doing anything so if I hadn’t felt so unwell I would never have done so much reading and would most likely rushed into making something without preparing, messing up, then losing my confidence! This way I have had chance to learn what’s out there and get some tips and ideas.

I treated myself to Tilly Walnes – Love at First Stitch book, along with some fabric to get started on when I’m feeling 100 percent again! I have plans (and fabric!) to make the Margot Pyjamas, the Delphine Skirt and the Megan dress. So I would love to see any of your finished results for these and hear any tips you may have! I’m feeling super inspired by Gemma (A girl sew geeky) and Annie (You can’t stitch with us) and their Margot Pyjama results; also Naomi’s Megan dress (Naomi Sews) and Charlotte’s Delphine Skirt (Sew Tipsy).

I have also been reading Simply Sewing magazine and would like to make the Alice dress but haven’t seen any vlogs/blogs on that yet so waiting to see some reviews on how easy it is? I think I am going to busy enough with the Tilly makes for a few months though!

I did get as far as laying out my first pattern to have a good look, however whilst I was looking at my Margot pattern Woody (he so wants to be a blog dog!) tried to sit on it and put wet nose prints on it, luckily I can retreat to the table out of his reach. Hopefully by next weekend I will have started on something and have some actual sewing to share.


Life before sewing: Crochet Christmas gifts 🎄

I know this is a blog to share my sewing journey, however I  could not resist sharing these little chocolate orange cosies which I made for my work colleagues for Christmas.

I learnt to crochet over the last few years and this was the first time I felt confident enough to share something I made as a gift for someone. I was a little nervous about how they would be received however I thought as they all contained a chocolate orange and we are quite food focused in my office they would be ok!

I had the idea to start these back in October however I struggled bit with the pattern and didn’t really get into It until the weekend before I needed to gift them.

I made four different designs, the snowman, robin and pudding were all patterns from a free Ravelry download by Jane Brooker and then as I struggled with all the patterns for a tree I made up my own pattern

I wrapped them in cellophane, ribbons and tissue paper.

I’m super pleased with them all and have had some lovely messages from my colleagues thanking me for them! Definitely pleased I was brave enough to make them.

Baby steps

Very excited to share my first attempts at machine sewing, I should start by saying I’m not a complete novice, I can thread a machine and know the very basics, but never really got to grips with much else.

I decided to start very small and sewed a couple of scraps together, then went on to turn it into a pin cushion. I watched lots of tutorials for pin cushions on you tube but didn’t follow a secific one. I loved the lime green and pink colour scheme I ended up with.

I then decided I needed a mat to protect my dining room table as unfortunately I don’t have a craft room! I watched a few tutorials but liked the look of Sami’s best and that’s what I went with. I kept the pink theme to match Penelope and used lime green thread to tie in the colour scheme I started with my pin cushion. I chose Flamingo fabric as I love flamingos!

I learnt a lot making this first item, the main things being:

1. Bright green thread was not a good idea as it shows up all my mistakes/untidy buts

2. Measure twice! I know it’s what everyone says but I didn’t and my pocket was a bit smaller than it should be

3. I’m more patient than I used to be! I actually went back and corrected my mistakes three times before I was happy with it and this has paid off in the final result.
I’m really happy with it, love the fabric and the colours and it does the job of protecting the table well! I’m now debating whether to go ahead and make the matching dust cover or save the fabric and wait until I am confident enough to make a bag for Penelope, which I would prefer, but I’m not sure I’m up to that level of difficulty yet!


Welcome to my shiny new blog! Here I plan to share my sewing adventure with whoever may stop by.

This is Penelope, my Singer Simple 3223 sewing machine, a Christmas gift from my lovely husband and children! This year I plan to teach myself to sew and my aim is, by the end of the year to have made a dress I will be proud to wear.